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Well, my September slow down is officially gone.  I am back to being busy, busy, and I love it (mostly).  During the slowdown, I still had Weddings and Engagements, but mostly I just got caught up on editing all those summer Weddings.  I also went to New Orleans on a Birthday Trip with my husband and friends ($49 each way on Southwest). I got Lasik eye surgery at the Eye Center of Texas.  I can see better than 20/20 now! I love it.  I also paid my 3rd Quarter Taxes (whoopee…)


I also had more free time than I normally do!  I carved an Astros Pumpkin (Go Stros!) I decorated for Halloween. I planted a Fall Garden. I read books. I am trying out Paleo Cooking.  I am practicing Flower arranging.  I am also enjoying the show Entourage occasionally when I am editing.


Here are a few things I am still loving in October-


5. Audible: I have discovered just in this year that I learn much better through listening.  I am a terribly slow reader and reading makes me fall asleep.  Now that I can listen to books, I am flying through them, so send me your favorites!  My recent Audible listens are State of Wonder, Big Magic, You’re never weird on the Internet.  I liked all of these, but I really loved State of Wonder.


4. Podcast Addict: When I am spending too much or if I just need a short listen, I go to Podcasts.   I like This American Life, and I am exploring a couple new ones, like TED Talks, The Splendid Table, and Women who Startup.  I love to learn and there is so much stuff to learn about out there!  Feel free to share your favorite interests right now.

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3. Nom Nom Paleo – I have been trying out Paleo.  I have been trying to work my way through this really unique cookbook. The food tastes really good.  Desserts are a little tougher…

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2. Gardening- I am still learning about how to decorate a home (I just bought the book Young House Love).  But, I am attempting to layout some flower beds (creating them from scratch and planting low maintenance flowers).  The yard looks great.  I also plant some edible foods in the openings.  I would love a good resource on how to design flowerbeds, even though I am halfway through already!

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  1. Halloween – This is really for October, but I threw a Pumpkin Carving Party at our house and it was so fun. My husband grilled and we visited and carved pumpkins with friends and family.  It is way too hot outside for pumpkins, but I made Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and had a blast. We’ve also put out some skulls and graveyards in the front.  It is more than we did last year!


I am gearing up now for a busy Holiday season.  I have 3 Destination Weddings, and lots of other fun Weddings, and I can already tell I have some awesome weddings to look forward to in 2016!





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