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Here are a few snapshots during this Holiday Season of our Thanksgiving food.

The photos include turkey, ham, green beans, watergate salad (lots of secrets inside), chocolate pie, and pecan pie.   Looking at this food makes me hungry all over again- planning to have the exact same food on Christmas!  Maybe I should have titled this blog- When Carbs  Attack!

I was actually thinking about making some stuffing/dressing again this week.  Is there like a rule that you can only eat this food on Thanksgiving?  I really want to eat it again.  Oh yeah… our secret- We put meat in ours and in our green beans.  I think it’s a southern thing- We put meat in everything! 

Just to top off the post, a little reflection on the year.  While trying my best to start a successful photography business has proven to be extremely stressful these past few months, I have a lot to be thankful for.  Currently, I feel so extremely thankful to have the support of my family (namely my parents) and my boyfriend’s support of me starting a photography business and not being disapproving of it.  Honestly, those would be the people whose opinion matters most to me.  Thank you to them.  It means a lot to me.

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