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If you have read this blog at all, you know that I love food and I love photographing it.  Going to India was no exception, so here’s my blog entry on Indian Food.  My take on REAL Indian food- 3 Words.  Spicy. Vegetarian. Mush.  Let’s just say that’s the only vacation where I had lost weight when I came back.

When I returned home, I did find myself missing the healthiness and the freshness of the food.

The above picture describes what our meals looked like pretty well.

The above (bottom right) picture was one of my favorite foods that I ate, of course it’s fried.  They call it the “egg roll,” and unlike in America I could actually taste the egg. Yum!

My other favorite foods were the Indian Dal and the different types of bread.  Least favorites- DESSERTS.  It didn’t stop me from trying them at every restaurant we went to though! ha!  Even some of the desserts were advertised as being spicy- YUCK!

There were also a few living animals keeping us company at our meals, as well.  A few even tried to steal some food for themselves.

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