India- Finally!

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I am so excited to finally share some more of my travel photos.  I have been so busy that I just now finished editing my travel photos from India!  I took them 2 months ago! Customers come first though, and I’ve been having lots of photo shoots lately, especially for Graduation.  I can’t believe how fast time flies.  I’m overwhelmed now with some of my favorite photos and deciding which ones to post.  I figured I would start by just sharing a few of my street photos, since just walking or riding around in the community was my favorite part of India.  I just wanted to see everything!  There’s so much to show- people, shopping in markets, Taj Mahal, Forts, animals, Holi Festival, men, women, buildings, children, colors, and FOOD!  Hopefully, I can share many parts of what I saw in India.  It will definitely take me a few blog entries to do so!

Many places I went in India were further away than just walking, and I often took the “Autos.”  Riding the autos were an experience in themselves.  Weaving in and out of traffic around bikes, cars, people, cows, etc surrounded by loud honking and music playing was an exciting experience that I really enjoyed doing, as long as I kept my elbows in.  Lanes didn’t really exist on the roads.

While I saw many many more men than women, I loved to see the women out and about wearing their beautiful clothes and fabrics.

Part of visiting India was really seeing the cultures, and part of that is seeing the beauty of it next to the grunge.

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