I’m back and MARRIED!

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Hey Everyone!

I’ve been back for about a week from my honeymoon.

Everything was so wonderful with both the Wedding, honeymoon, and now married life. I am also well rested and so excited to come back and start taking pictures again (I’ve already started!) and going into the new year. I want to really start getting some new products and start blogging again and updating everything!

Getting married myself has given me a whole new insight into Wedding day and just makes me realize that much more how important these moments are.

Hopefully, I can make all these goals come true ASAP ( I still have lots of work to do especially with the Holdiays coming up). I can’t wait to see all those Christmas family outfits!

Here is a photo of me in my Wedding dress taken by my second shooter Lantz.

Bridalsmall (1 of 1)

Bridalsmall (11 of 19)

Bridalsmall (12 of 19)

Bridalsmall (19 of 19)

Here is our Honeymoon trailer-

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