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During my trip to Cambridge, I wanted 2 things Hot Chocolate and Pizza, but not together.  Hot Chocolate because I am no longer acclimated to Boston weather after spending months in the Texas heat (I JUST stopped wearing shorts in Texas) and pizza because college=pizza.

Both places Burdicks and Pinocchio’s Pizza have tons of personality and are Harvard student hot spots.  I would recommend both.  Burdicks is a high class chocolate place that turns their chocolate into melted warmth and wonderfulness.  Pinccohio’s, more commonly known as “nochs” is a small place that would be hard to find if every student didn’t already know about it, and their pizza’s are the best in the city.  Jessica Pledger Photography Houston PhotographerJessica Pledger Photography Houston PhotographerJessica Pledger Photography Houston PhotographerBoth of these places are student hot spots, and pizza is definitely a late night college favorite.  You can see the rectangular pizza in the photo above, but the round pizzas are my favorite!

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