Trick or Treat

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Once returning home from Austin,  I went to my Aunt’s house on Sunday night for some trick or treating with my cousins.  Aunt Rhonda always does a great job making her house really fun to celebrate the night.  I took some pictures of all the details she goes out of her way to do to make the night special.

Halloween Photos

I just loved taking pictures of Gracie Mae, Rhonda and Terry’s new boxer puppy.  She doesn’t look like a puppy anymore though.Halloween PhotosI also came over just at the perfect time for dinner. We had a fresh tossed salad, shrimp etouffee,  mac ‘n cheese, mini corn dogs, chips and salsa, with lemonade.  And there was plenty of candy.  Time to hit the gym!

Jessica Pledger Photography Houston Photography

I just love this time of year.

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