Travel Photography- Paris, France

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Looking through my hundreds of photos from my trip, I tried to decide which ones to post on the blog first- I have lots.  I wish I could have posted them as I was traveling, but I couldn’t hardly find time to sleep or let me family know I was still alive, let alone- edit and update the blog!

Now, I should be updating often. :)  Hopefully, you can live vicariously through me for the moment, and then be motivated to go on your own adventures later.  To start off my Paris photos, I thought I have to start with a bang- Mr. Eiffel’s Tower, created for the 1889 World’s Fair.  As I traveled around Paris, I realized many things were created for World fairs.

I saw the tower at midday, sunset, and night!

The tower is huge and located next to the Seine river.  It can be seen from all over the city.

Coming to Paris, La Tour Eiffel was just something I needed to say to say that I did it.  I like to be a rebel from the World, and when I hear everyone make a big deal about something I usually assume they are overreacting (i.e. the Mona Lisa), but the Eiffel Tower was stunning and breathtaking.  I loved every minute I was near it.  Making something so stunning and elegant out of iron is a marvelous thing to see.  WALKING (that’s right, I said WALKING) to the upper level (and taking an elevator to the VERY top) was one of the highlights of my trip.  I really loved it.  I also loved the pictures I took.

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