Newborn Kai

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First Rule of Blogging: Keep up with your Blog!!!  SO, this week I really focused on getting caught up on editing photos, so you haven’t seen as many sneak peeks and blogs.  I did catch up this week, but as soon as the weekend comes (10-12 photo shoots a weekend!) will put me right back behind.  I am going to try and push out some peeks before the weekend.   I know it’s painful waiting for your photos!  Thanksgiving week is next week, so I have photo shoots everyday for the next 13 DAYS (except for Thanksgiving)!!!!WHOA MAMA!!  I am really going to earn that Turkey!!


Without any further delay, here is the main reason I decided to write a blog tonight- this adorable baby Kai.  His Mom told me that he is in the top 95% for his size.  He was so cute though.  My theory is the bigger they are, the healthier they are, and the cuter they are!!


We took a lot of pictures in this little basket, but once we put him in he didn’t want to be anywhere else.  Nothing better than a baby in a basket.  I keep telling parents not to worry about buying a crib, just get a little laundry basket.  They never listen. 🙂

Look how tiny Mom is- to have a baby in the 95% in size.  Love them together!

Mom had this really soft blanket and I loved using that for pictures!  Isn’t he beautiful?  Keep checking the blog.  I’m taking pictures constantly, so I will keep updating!


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