My Journey to Specializing in Wedding Photography

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I am in my fifth year of business now, and 2015 has just been an excellent year.  My business is doing better than I could have imagined, and I am just loving how my photos are coming out and the types of Brides I am working with.  In year 5, I’ve finally seen why so many experienced photographers recommend specializing in one type of photography. Over the past 5 Years, I have done everything from babies, Weddings, families, parties, corporate head shots, Seniors, etc, etc.

Hotel Sorella Wedding Photographer - Jewish Wedding

Out of all the types I do, Weddings have always been my favorite. BUT…I have built a huge Client base of families, and there are even some that I have watched grow from babies being in Bellies to coming up on their 5th Birthdays! And I LOVE my families that I work with and their adorable sweet children, but I had to just do an amazing job at one thing instead of constantly feeling behind and rushing to get everyone their photos on time.

This year I  made a big scary change.  I became so busy with Weddings, that I decided to stop doing families.  I am just a Wedding Photographer now (I am still doing Senior Photos because there is something that I really love about making high school senior see their own beauty). It has been that way for about 6 months, and I am loving it.  I love giving my full-attention to my Weddings.  It helps me have a better business, and that is why I am finally blogging again!

Also, the next blog post will explain a new option for my family clients AND Brides looking for a more affordable option for Houston Wedding Photography

megandavidwed2 (1 of 1)Focusing on Wedding Photography has allowed me to just explode with new options and improvements.  I am excited to see what else is to come!

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