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A few days ago I mentioned the Style Me Pretty Blog.  I thought since I read so many blogs, I would list my favorites.  They are in no particular order, and they are about various subjects, so here they are:

1. Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty is the ultimate Wedding Blog.  It has pictures, vendors, and ideas about all things Wedding.  While every Wedding they post up is unique and different, they are all beautiful!!!  The pictures are gorgeous too!

2. Post Secret

Post Secret is a blog full of postcards with people’s secrets on them.  People anonymously send their secrets into 13345 Copper Ridge Road Germantown, MD 20874.  The secrets are fun, depressing, encouraging, sad, hopeful, comforting, and everything in between.  Get ready for some shocks reading this blog.  New Secrets are posted every Sunday.  This group also puts out book, and from my impression they are non-profit, donating most of the money they make!

3. Coconut & Lime

This is a blog where the writer is a chef with new fun recipes every week.  What I love about Coconut&Lime is how the food looks so homemade…and the recipes are creative.  I should try to make more of the recipes, but I also just like looking at the pictures of the food.

4. Design*Sponge

Many of these blogs reflect me trying to become an adult, and this one is no different.  This is part of my goal to learn how to design my own place and learn how to do things myself.  The before and after pictures shown on this blog are my favorite!

5. Diet Blog

I am always trying to stay healthy, and seeing these blog entries a few times a week helps me stay interested and motivated-  KEY WORD: Helps.  I still have some work to do, but they put out some really interesting articles.  One of the first articles I ever read on that blog really inspired me; I printed it out and have been reading the blog ever since.

More coming soon….

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