My Favorite Blogs Part 2!

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You saw #’s 1-5.  Now, it’s time for the rest!  These are less Wedding oriented (except Jasmine Star) and more Jessica/Photographer related blogs.

6. Hostess with the Mostess

This is the perfect blog for the party planner.  Check this blog out when you have a party coming up, especially for children.  They have great DIY ideas.  Also, apparently make your own perfume parties are in!  I pick this blog because I would never think of a Coco Chanel themed Baby shower on my own. 😉

7. Jasmine Star Blog

Jasmine Star is THE photographer out of California that made me believe I could do it too!  She is amazing, and she’s a great writer.  I love her in every way.  She’s also a great Wedding Photographer.  Most of her shoots take place in California… OUTSIDE!! A Wedding Photographer’s Dream!!!

8. Lens

This is the Photography blog of the New York Times.  In my humble opinion, they have the Creme de la Creme of journalistic photographs.  It is also one of the better ways for me to understand current events too.

9. Retro Adverto

Ever since I took a class on the 50’s in America, I’ve been obsessed with retro things, especially photographs and advertisements.  This website specializes in retro advertisements.  They make me happy to look at.  That’s what is important to me in life- What makes me happy!

10. Steve McCurry’s Blog

Steve McCurry is an AMAZINGGGGGGGG traveling photojournalist, and I wish he would write a book, because I would preorder it!  His blog is one of my favorites in terms of a serious current day photographer.  One of his most famous photos is the Afghan girl with light green eyes, properly known as The Young Afghan Girl.

Please, let me know your favorite blogs because I love them!!  There’s more where these ten came from!

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