Male Gaze

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One of my biggest obsessions on my trip to Incredible India was the cultural difference of STARING!  Staring is much more common in India, especially when you stick out like a sore thumb- a Caucasian blonde female in a sea of Indian Men! The main reason for this staring was just the realization that non-Indian Americans are also interested in their wonderful country enough to visit, and it’s not something they see every day.  I dealt with this thing, that honestly creeped me out a little bit, by taking pictures of the guys. HA! Take that!  I enjoyed seeing their reactions!

Everyone reacted differently by me taking their photo.  Some turned away, others embraced it, some laughed, and some looked at me with confusion or anger.

The train station was the best place to get these photos, because there were a TON of people just standing around so they were super curious.

As you can see the guys were all ages, and it is much easier to show in photos.

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