Kidney Day at the Capitol

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This past  Tuesday, I photographed Kidney Day at the Capitol 2011 for the Texas Renal Coalition.  Kidney Day at the Capitol provides a way to empower Dialysis patients around Texas to come together to inform their Texas Representatives about the problems they have been fighting.  All the people in attendance were so kind and grateful for such a successful day.

The Day started with everyone gathering for Breakfast at First United Methodist Church before walking to the Capitol steps to go hear the Resolution be read in the Texas House of Representatives and the Senate.

There was such an inspiring turn out of patients and workers from San Antonio all the way to our group from Houston.   Cutting the Texas budgets could greatly alter some of these patient’s health, and they are standing up for themselves to try to make sure they stay healthy and strong.  I wish the best of luck to all of these wonderful people I met along the way and at the Capitol.

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