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Jessica Pledger Photography

I am excited to say that I am finally I have my own logo! I have always wanted a logo, but my designer skills are limited.  Website design, Logo Design, Home Design, etc do not come easy to me, and I wish they did!  Many of y’all have seen my last logo, which I was pretty proud of making myself.  Now that I have my new logo though, it makes all the difference in the world.

You will still see this as a watermark on some of my photos, but my new logo will be going in on my photos soon.  I still have lots of my business cards with the old design on them too.

Jessica Pledger_black watermark copyJessica Pledger Photography New Logo

So, all of this started with my planning to “rebrand,” something I never wanted to do again.  All my favorite photographers have websites with white backgrounds, and their sites are so beautiful.  I thought maybe it is time I grow up and drop pink from my name.  I was really struggling with it, because even my super manly husband (never wears pink), said he liked the pink better.  Then, I did something I don’t normally do, I asked facebook.  There was a overwhelming majority that said pink.  I think a professional photographer would tell me to have a white backdrop every time, that is what you would see around a photo in a museum presented as art, a white matte. That is what I would do in my home, BUT I have to listen to my Brides, my Clients, my friends.  They are the ones hiring me.  I love the color pink.  I love it in life and  inWeddings.  My Mom and I often joke that if we weren’t married, our entire houses could be pink and girly. Probably a good thing if that never happens (remember about the above comment about me lacking home design skills?).



So, thank you for speaking up and letting me know that you love the pink too.  Jessica Pledger Photography will always keep working to improve and get better, so be on the look out for more updates!

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