Animal House at the Rodeo

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Like I said in my previous post, the rodeo has something for everyone.  One of my (and the population of Houston’s 5 year olds) favorite things to do at the Rodeo is to walk through and see all the animals.  After walking through for a while, you WILL start to think all goats look the same…which they kinda do.  Walking through, you see row after row of cows and goats.  They seem to like the attention when I stop and pet them too.  I’m obviously a kid at heart.  Forget the Texas Wine sampling, where’s the petting zoo?  I’m only partially joking.  I love being around farm animals.For all you non-Texas readers, the rodeo is a big deal!  We fill up our stadium full of people to watch people race around cones and wrestle down farm animals.  On the night I was there, they had the little kids hold on to sheep as they ran around.  It was so cute!  Check out the crowds of people that turn out to watch!  Everyone should try to make it out to the Texas Rodeo, and wear your blue jeans!

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