All Good in the Neighborhood

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I love when I can help make a family’s life a little easier by coming to them for a photo shoot.  I met Falguni and her family at their home.  We took some pictures outside the home, then moved to a big water pond for some photos.  Falguni’s life was made a lot easier by having a photographer come to her.  For her claiming her son hates taking pictures, he took some great ones!  He was posing with his sister, and on what he REALLY loves- his bicycle. Just kidding! He loves both of them.

I love this combo.  You just get that youthful feeling of being young and innocent during those childhood years.

The kids were definitely nervous about me at first, but by the end they were the ones choosing the poses!

I love this one too.  Falguni just naturally held her husband and her children tight and close to her in the photos, and the love between everyone was so obvious.  I had a great time capturing that love.

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