Gold Sparkly Cake Topper

Cake Topper Glitz | Jessica Pledger Photography

I love a little bit of sparkle at Weddings, especially…

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Tuscan Courtyard at night

Tuscan Courtyard at Night | Jessica Pledger Photography

I love this photo of Erica and Justin at the…

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Galveston Engagement | Engagement Ring

Timeless Engagement Ring

Loved Megan’s Engagement Ring- So Timeless!   Jessica Pledger Photography…

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Fireman + Nurse Galveston Engagement Session

When a fireman and a nurse fall in love… It…

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Crystal Springs Bridal Session

Bridal Close-Up | Crystal Springs | Jessica Pledger Photography

BOOM! *Mic drop* Jessica Pledger Photography Houston Wedding Photographer…

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Beautiful New Centerpieces | Crystal Springs Wedding | Jessica Pledger Photography

I loved this centerpiece at Alice’s Wedding. ┬áIt is simple,…

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Book Review | Find the Good

I just finished listening to the Audible audiobook of Find…

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Featured on 7 Centerpieces! | Briscoe Manor | Country Bridal Session

I am so excited to have Jessica Pledger Photography Bridal…

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Bridal Photos Crimson Bouquet

Alice’s Bridal Session | Crystal Springs| Magnolia, TX

I loved Alice’s bouquet with these deep colors in the…

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